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12 Day Online Fitness & Nutrition Program

Begins December 11th. Registration now open!

You know it's the Holiday Season when your bank account, fitness level, and nutrition all go out the window. Amiright?! But it SO does not have to be that way! caught me: I can't change your spending habits (I'm right there with ya, sister!), but I CAN provide you with a way to stay on track physically. 



12 Days of FITmas, is going to keep you on track by:

  • Holding you accountable
  • Providing daily workouts to tone and shred
  • Giving you a full 12 day meal plan
  • Participating in intermittent fasting
  • Using carb cycling for optimal fat loss

sign up asap! stay fit during the holidays.

how does it work?

Once registered you will receive:

  • Full Program Guide to understand the what and why
  • Access to Facebook accountability group
  • Info on how to track macros
  • Info on how to intermittent fast
  • Info on how to carb cycle
  • Workouts for each day 
  • Grocery list with meal plans
  • Exclusive discount pricing for my follow-up programs

sign up here: