fwtfl cookbooks

fwtfl cookbook


The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Cookbook & Sample Meal Plan is the perfect intro for learning how to cook your way through the FASTer Way lifestyle.

The FWTFL Cookbook includes:

  • 21 FASTer Way Approved Meals
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • Bonus Recipes
  • Smoothie Recipes
  • Bonus side recipes

At the low price of $24.99, the FWTFL Cookbook is worth the investment and gives fantastic ideas for those Low Carb days.

FWTFL Cookbook version 2.0


This is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Cookbook & Sample Meal Plan version 2.0. Think the FWTFL Cookbook on steroids! Chef Donna provides gluten free & dairy free recipes that are all FWTFL compliant. 

Chef Donna's Cookbook includes:

  • 6 Chicken recipes, 6 beef recipes, 6 pork recipes, 6 seafood recipes, and 3 side dishes
  • A 21 Day Sample Meal Plan
  • An overview of Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, Macros and Effective Exercise Strategies
  • All recipes have macro counts, and has been added to My Fitness Pal for ease of tracking

At only $24.99, Chef Donna will help you whip up gluten free & dairy free meals that will have you thinking you were destined to Beat Bobby Flay.

cookbook bundle


Get the best bang for your buck and order the Cookbook Bundle.  With the bundle, you'll receive BOTH the FWTFL Cookbook AND Chef Donna's Cookbook.  

Priced at $39.99, this bundle is basically a no-brainer.   You get the best of the best at a discounted rate.