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Core strong

strengthening the core

to Tone & protect


Alright... let's chat about ABS! It is amazing to me how many products are out there that promise to tone our tummies. I'm sure you've heard it all: wraps, belly bands, magic pills, tummy teas, even SPANX were created to make us LOOK slimmer without actually creating a real change. Well I can promise you this: there is NO quick fix. Oh, and you have to actually put in the WORK. But, it can be done!

You still on board? Cool! Creating abs is ALL about strengthening the CORE:

And here's how we build a STRONG CORE:

  • Perform weighted workouts

  • Focus on engaging the core while maintaining proper form during your lifts

  • Involve multiple muscle groups

  • Get enough REST

Having a strong core is more than just having a set of 6-pack abs.  A strong core is really all about having a strong back, strong glutes, strong hammys, strong quads AND strong abs. All of those muscle groups must work in harmony in order to create a strong core.

If you're wanting to focus on toning your tummy, then you have to build a strong core! I've created Core Strong specifically with YOU in mind. And for all of you postpartum mamas, it's completely Diastasis Recti safe, just make sure you've been cleared by your OB before jumping into a fitness routine. 


CORE STRONG is the real deal. There are no guessing games here. No more wondering what is safe and what is dangerous for your lower back or for your Diastasis Recti. In fact, this program has been shown to decrease abdominal separation. 

So, here's what you get:

4-week core-focused workout plan to tone & strengthen your entire core:

  • Daily Workouts planned

  • 6 Total Body Workouts

  • 5 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts

  • 5 Tabata Workouts

  • 4 Low Active Recovery Workouts

  • Clickable Links to view how each exercise should be performed