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I am a Registered Nurse working in Labor & Delivery, the creator of Pretty Fit Mama and a Premier certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss coach. 

I am super into: Babies. Sweet Treats. The Beach. Golf. Pregnancy. Interior Design. Science.

Growing up playing sports and having been a college volleyball athlete, I have always had a strong interest in fitness and health. And having a background in the medical field, I have a love and appreciation for the science behind fitness and nutrition.

I absolutely love being a L&D nurse - every patient is different and every birthing experience is unique, and there is nothing like being able to help bring a life into the world on a daily basis.  But, after baby is here, us mamas go through A LOT.  I know, because I've been through it... TWICE!  

My hope is that by providing the essential tools to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, I can then empower these mamas to give themselves the grace and time necessary to get back to feeling confident in their body after baby and living a life they love.


Here's a little bit about my fam jam:

I am lucky enough to have been married to my goofy and super handsome husband, Mark, for 6 years.  We live in the Greater Cincinnati Area with our two wild and beautiful kids, Findlay (4) and Graden (2), (+ baby boy due October 2019) our outrageous goldendoodle, Carlie, and our newest mini doodle addition, Zoey. 

We love family time, and value it above just about everything else in this physical world.  Our favorite things to do as a family are: going to the Cincinnati Zoo, swimming at our pool, taking walks in the neighborhood, going to the lake, and Krogering :).  

I never said it was a huge, wild, adventure with these people I love the most, but it is the most fulfilling and joyful part of my life.