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Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things your body can do!  But after baby comes, it can be hard to feel beautiful in your changing body with more weight, less sleep, decreased energy and all the new demands on you and your time.  


As a mom of 2 and Labor and Delivery Nurse, I get it.  You have a beautiful new baby to care for, but you’re not quite sure how to take care of your new postpartum body, where to start, or what exercises are even safe.  Look no further, mamas!  My 4 week slim down course will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and exercise after baby.


Join the next round on April 2nd for only $150.  Space is limited, so sign up ASAP to grab your spot!

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During pretty fit mama you’ll:

  • Learn proper nutrition for your body after baby

  • Get your midsection back

  • Become educated on what Diastasis Recti is and exercises that can help

  • Learn lactation information and tips from an L&D Nurse

  • Discover the best diet and exercise for breastfeeding


It takes time for your body to adjust after baby comes.  But if you feel stuck because you’re eating healthy and exercising and still not losing weight, there is an answer!  In my course you will learn not just the HOW behind getting and staying healthy, but you’ll understand the WHY.  

What else can you expect?

  • More energy

  • Higher quality sleep

  • Improved time management skills

  • Increased balance in life

  • Renewed confidence in your postpartum body


As moms we are prone to feeling guilty if we don’t put our kids and family first all the time (and if we’re being honest, almost everyone else, too)!  But you can’t draw from your own well if you never fill it.  Your health is essential to being able to meet your everyday demands.  I want to empower you with the grace and time you need to get and stay healthy and feel confident in your own body!


Pretty Fit Mama gives you:

  • Focus -- I’ll break down your weekly goals into simple, actionable steps so you know exactly what to do.

  • Private online community full of women on the same journey.

  • Support -- we’re in this together and our online community is here to support every member of our group.

  • Accountability -- you’ll check in with me daily via our private online community.

  • Everything you need to get your body back after baby, including easy and delicious recipes, information on whole food nutrition,a fitness regimen tailored to your needs, simple health challenges and so much more!


I know you value your health, but I also know how busy you are!  You don’t have time to spend hours researching and experimenting. I get it because I’ve been there...twice!  You want to make healthy changes now, which is why I’ve created this program.  You’ll lose weight, get your energy back, sleep better and feel confident as a woman and mother.  I’ll give you the tools you need to easily achieve your goals and live the healthy lifestyle you want.


Join the next round on april 2nd for only $150.

Space is limited, so sign up ASAP to grab your spot!

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I personally believe in this program because I have been in your shoes...twice! 

After I had my son, my energy level was low, I felt self conscious about my post baby body, none of my clothes fit comfortably, and I felt generally out of shape.  

I knew I needed a change, and I needed something that was going to be sustainable for life.  It had to be something that was a healthy form of weight loss and something that could benefit my family as well. 

By shifting my focus from under eating and overexercising to a healthy view on fitness and nutrition, I have not only been able to educate myself on how important whole food nutrition is for us mamas, but also have seen the benefits or pairing whole food nutrition with specific workouts.  My body transformed from being sluggish and uncomfortable into a powerful, lean, energetic, and healthy body.  I felt more confident in my own body than I had ever felt in my entire life.  

For that reason, I knew I HAD to create Pretty Fit Mama and share the benefits of this program with other mamas who are searching for a healthy fitness and nutrition program that truly works, is sustainable for life, and can be shared with your family.